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Diamond Touch Trainer Simulator


The Touch Trainer Simulator is FAA Approved for the following:
Private Pilot: 2.5 Hours
Instrument Rating: 10 Hours
Instrument Currency: Including Approaches and Holds without the need for an Instructor

This simulator is the best way to gain proficiency operating an aircraft. It features a touch screen panel that simulates the actual aircraft cockpit and avionics of the Diamond DA-20 and DA-40 w/G1000. This simulator makes learning the Diamond Cockpit, Garmin GNS-430 or G1000, and Instrument Approach Procedures a breeze, without spending all the money burning gas in the airplane. You can practice your checklists, procedures, maneuvers, emergencies and more. Utilize our simulator syllabus for additional scenarios to challenge yourself through tough weather and terrain.

Rental Rate: $60 / Hour
Simulator Membership Rate: $300 per year. Unlimited Hours
Instructor Rate: $45 / Hour



Sporty. Sleek. Exciting yet surprisingly affordable. The DA20-C1 is available with standard avionics, and glass cockpit options.  The DA-20 is one of our Primary Flight Trainers and very easy to fly.
130 Kts. Cruise Speed
Rental Rate:
N167DC and N254DC: $128 / Hr. Wet
Private Pilot/Instrument Instruction:  $45 / Hr.
Advanced Instruction:  $60 / Hr.
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Impressive from any angle.  Whether you’re new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 is the first choice for discerning pilots. No matter how much flying experience you have, you’ll be impressed by the DA40 – its quickness off the runway, the crisp response of the pushrod actuated controls, and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the bubble canopy.
140-150 Kts. Cruise Speed
Rental Rates

DA40-180 Standard Avionics:
N33SY: $140 / Hr. Wet
N285DS w/ Autopilot: $150 / Hr. Wet
140 Kts Cruise Speed
33sy ext 33sy int

DA40 with G1000:
N945PC: $165 / Hr. Wet
140 Kts Cruise Speed

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Cirrus SR20


Cirrus SR-20 with G1000 Perspective

N575LD – This brand new Cirrus SR-20 is loaded with the most advanced avionics, safety and comfort systems available. With an air conditioned cabin, Cirrus Perspective avionics, advanced autopilot with electronic stability protection and the Cirrus airframe parachute system, pilot workload is minimized while comfort and safety are maximized. The Cirrus Perspective avionics includes Jeppesen electronic charts, traffic avoidance, terrain awareness/warning, synthetic vision, XM weather and is designed for maximum capability, intuitive use and unparalleled situational awareness. Fun, fast and comfortable. Once you fly it, there’s no going back.

Rental Rate:
N575LD: $250 / Hr. Wet
Instructor Rate: $60 / Hr.
new cirrus 20 new cirrus int

SR20 with Avidyne

N383JT- Is the second generation airplane from Cirrus in the SR20 model. It features the Avidyne Avionics System, Autopilot, XM Weather and Radio, all with the comforts of the Cirrus Interior.

N383JT: $195 / Hr. Wet
Instructor Rate: $60 / Hr.
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Beechcraft Duchess BE-76
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Beechcraft Duchess BE-76
Superbly Capable.  The Duchess is a premier training aircraft for the multi-engine pilot. With its incredibly stable flight characteristics and powerful, yet efficient 180 hp engines, the Duchess performs better than most light twins in its class. The Duchess boasts a 150 kt cruise speed on 16 gallons per hour and a 1200 fpm climb rate.
Rental Rate:
N7KY:  $250 / Hr. Wet
Instructor Rate:  $60 / Hr.
duchess int beech duchess
Piper Arrow PA-28R
The Piper Arrow is the staple aircraft for single engine complex training. The Arrow has an efficient 180hp engine that allows it to cruise at 140 kts., while burning little fuel. This aircraft features a Garmin GTN-750 touchscreen GPS and a newer interior.
Rental Rate:
N3725T: $160 / Hr. Wet

Instructor Rate: $60 / Hr.
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