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Diamond Touch Trainer Simulator


The Touch Trainer Simulator is FAA Approved for the following:
Private Pilot: 2.5 Hours
Instrument Rating: 10 Hours
Instrument Currency: Including Approaches and Holds without the need for an Instructor

It features a touch screen panel that simulates the actual aircraft cockpit and avionics of the Diamond DA-20 and DA-40 w/G1000. This simulator makes learning the Diamond Cockpit, Garmin GNS-430 or G1000, and Instrument Approach Procedures a breeze, without spending all the money burning gas in the airplane.

Rental Rate: $45 / Hour
Simulator Membership Rate: $75 per Month, or $300 per year. Unlimited Hours
Instructor Rate: $45 / Hour



Sporty. Sleek. Exciting yet surprisingly affordable. The DA20-C1 is available with standard avionics, and glass cockpit options.  The DA-20 is one of our Primary Flight Trainers and very easy to fly.
130 Kts. Cruise Speed
Rental Rate:
N167DC and N254DC: $128 / Hr. Wet
Private Pilot/Instrument Instruction:  $45 / Hr.
Advanced Instruction:  $50 / Hr.
167DC Exterior 167DC Interior DA20 pic

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Impressive from any angle.  Whether you’re new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 is the first choice for discerning pilots. No matter how much flying experience you have, you’ll be impressed by the DA40 – its quickness off the runway, the crisp response of the pushrod actuated controls, and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the bubble canopy.
140-150 Kts. Cruise Speed
Rental Rates

DA40-180 Standard Avionics:
N33SY: $140 / Hr. Wet
140 Kts Cruise Speed
33sy ext 33sy int

DA40 with G1000:
N945PC: $165 / Hr. Wet
140 Kts Cruise Speed

945pc 945pc int

Cirrus SR20
Cirrus SR-20

The Luxury Sports Car of the sky! The Cirrus SR-20 is an economical and comfortable 150 Kt cross-country traveler that allows passengers relax in its pristine interior which resembles a luxury car. Need to get your family to FL for vacation? You can get them there in 3 hours or less in this machine!
Rental Rate:

N383JT: $195 / Hr. Wet
Instructor Rate: $50 / Hr.
3JT 3jt int

Beechcraft Duchess BE-76
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Beechcraft Duchess BE-76
Superbly Capable.  The Duchess is a premier training aircraft for the multi-engine pilot. With its incredibly stable flight characteristics and powerful, yet efficient 180 hp engines, the Duchess performs better than most light twins in its class. The Duchess boasts a 150 kt cruise speed on 16 gallons per hour and a 1200 fpm climb rate.
Rental Rate:
N7KY:  $250 / Hr. Wet
Ask about Block Rates
Instructor Rate:  $50 / Hr.
duchess int beech duchess

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