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NexGen provides air travel solutions out of Lexington, KY and the tri-state area. We are a professional, FAA certificated Air Carrier #3NXA084L that provides safe, affordable, and reliable air charter services throughout the United States. We provide charter options for all budgets including jet and piston driven airplanes. Our crewmembers and staff are highly trained, experienced aviation professionals that work closely with you to ensure comfortable and hassle free air travel. Our goal is to help you obtain greater balance, increase productivity and enjoy more time with family, friends and business associates.

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Why Charter with NexGen?

Convenience. No Hassle from TSA and long security lines. Pull up your vehicle, let us load your bags, take a seat in the plane and relax. We fly on your schedule, to the airport closest to your destination, where the airlines can’t go.

Variety. Aviation doesn’t have to be a one size fits all industry. We strategically offer different types of aircraft to best suit your mission, making private air travel more affordable.

Safety. NexGen employs only experienced, professional pilots and maintenance technicians. We operate the most well-maintained and state of the art aircraft, with fuel economy as a major attribute.

Availability. We offer air travel service 24/7 including those up to the minute, unscheduled trips.

First Class Service. Our pilots and staff will passionately assist in all aspects of your private travel including planning, ground transportation, catering and more!

When you charter with NexGen Aviation, your business and personal needs set your flight schedule, not the other way around.

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