Instrument Rating

No longer do you have to cancel your flight plans due to cloudy weather and low visibility!  Want to be a better, more proficient pilot?  Then the instrument rating is your next step.  Instrument flight training comes after your Private Pilot’s License, and allows you to operate in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) and under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules).  You will learn about weather and its effects on the aircraft and you. You will also learn to manipulate the aircraft solely by reference to your instruments and equipment.  Even if you plan only to fly in good weather, we strongly recommend the instrument rating, not only to become a more skilled pilot, but to account for everyday’s little suprises.
As an Instrument Rated Pilot you can:
  •  Operate anywhere in the US in the IFR System

  •  Operate the aircraft in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC)

  •  Fly in all types of airspace

  •  Fly into any airport with an approved Instrument Approach Procedure

  •  Have radar services available and contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) at all times

Instrument Single-Engine
38 Hours of Aircraft Rental
35 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
10 Hours of Dual Simulator Instruction
28 Instrument Ground School
Books, Supplies and Taxes
* The Instrument Rating Course includes flight and ground training, the airplane for 3 hours for the FAA test, Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Kit and sales tax.  A $50 one-time enrollment fee may apply to new students starting with Nexgen Aviation.  If you have previosly paid an enrollment fee, it does not apply.  The instrument written must be completed prior to End of Course Checkride.  The Instrument Rating Program does NOT include the FAA written exam($150) and FAA examiners fee ($350).
Instrument Rating Multi-Engine Option
38 Hours of Aircraft Rental
35 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
28 Hours of Instrument Ground School
Books, Supplies, Taxes

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