Jet and Turboprop Type Ratings

At NexGen Aviation, we do not give type ratings, however we can assist you with obtaining at desired type ratings with one of the major simulator companies.  The main three companies are Flight Safety InternationalCAE Simuflite, and SimCom.

Type Ratings are required on all turbo-jet powered aircraft, any aircraft with a gross weight over 12,500 pounds, or any other aircraft that the FAA deems necessary.  Type ratings are an excellent pad to a resume and may be the difference in getting hired with most companies.  However, most companies will pay for training, including the type rating for the aircraft that you will be flying.  Type ratings can be quite expensive so only pay for your own training if you have the extra money or it is necessary for a job.  Training for a type rating will typically consist of a week of ground training on the systems of the aircraft, a week of training in a Level C or D simulator on operation of the aircraft in normal and emergency situations, and a Final Test.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact NexGen Aviation and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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