Private Pilot

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The private pilot’s license is the first step in aviation to become a pilot, and for some, that’s as far as they go.  After all, even this first private pilot license allows you to fly day or night, with family and friends, and just about anywhere you prefer in fair weather.

All your initial private pilot training takes place in our single engine Diamond DA-20 or Piper Warrior aircraft. You will begin by taking a discovery flight to see if becoming a pilot is right for you.  If you enjoy the thrill as we believe you will, NexGen Aviation will set up your program and refer you to an Aviation Medical Examiner to get your student license and medical certificate.  You will participate in ground and flight training with one of our experienced flight instructors, learn to fly the airplane “solo,” and prepare for your final test.  After you have passed the FAA “check ride”, you’ll be a fully certificated private pilot and receive your private pilot license.  The national average for earning a Private Pilot License is approximately 70 hours due to gaps in training.  Nexgen will do our best to keep you on track and teach you how to be a safe, competent pilot in the fewest possible hours. Nexgen Aviation students that start with us from scratch, have earned their licenses in an average of 45 hours!

If you want to take your Private Pilot License a step further, you can add a multi-engine license or rating to your Private Pilot License. This allows you to fly twin engine aircraft under your Private Pilot Privileges.
Part 141 Private Pilot Course          
38 Hours of Aircraft Rental
24 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
30 Hours of Private Pilot Ground School
Books, Supplies, Headset and Sales Tax
Total Cost……………………………………$7047.00
Our Private Pilot License program includes the FAA minimum flight hours and 3 extra hours for the FAA Test.    It also includes ground and flight training, Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit, David Clark Headset, and sales tax. A $50 one-time enrollment fee applies to all new students/renters.  The course does NOT include the Aviation Medical (approx. $85), the FAA Written Test ($150), and the FAA examiners fee ($350).   The FAA written test must be completed prior to End of Course Checkride.  
Private Pilot Multi-Engine Course Add-On
*You must have a private pilot single-engine land rating before enrolling in this course.
12 Hours of Aircraft Rental
10 Hours of Dual Flight Instruction
5 Hours of Multi-Engine Ground School
Total Cost………………………………..$3455.00

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