Breeder’s Cup Points Race

NexGen Aviation is starting a new points competition for new and existing customers. Whether you are an experienced pilot or a student, this completion will be fun while enhancing each pilot’s skill level by earning points through various skill challenges and participating in events.


Competition Begins Saturday September 5, 2015 and Ends Breeder’s Cup Weekend October 30, 2015 We will end the competition with a hangar costume party and chili cook-off on Friday Oct. 30 in the evening.


First Place: One Free Hour in G1000 Diamond 40 and Free One Year Simulator Membership
Second Place: One Free Yearly Subscription to Foreflight or equivalent
Third Place: One Hour Free Instruction
Earn 15 Points: Get a NexGen Blue Knit Cap/Beanie
Earn 30 Points: Get a NexGen Blue Polo
Earn 40 Points: Get a NexGen Blue Micro Fleece Jacket

Points can be earned by:

Nexgen Poker Run – 5 pts for participation and 3 bonus points for the winning hand
Fly-Ins and Pancake Breakfasts– 5 pts for participation
Cross Country Flights with Posted Pictures on NexGen Facebook Page– 3 pts
Facebook Check-Ins– 1 pt
Landing Competition– Up to 30 pts for perfect score
Emergency Competition– Up to 20 pts for perfect score
Basic and Advanced Formation Course– 5 pts for each course
Cirrus and/or G1000 Transition Course– 10 pts for each course

Competition Details:

Customer will turn in their points to Nexgen via email, office visit, or facebook message weekly and Nexgen will track points on our spreadsheet. Nexgen will post standings after each week. See posts for upcoming events on our facebook page and in the office. Skills competitions must be scheduled with an instructor.


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