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Cessna Citation Jet N525RM

The CJ flies as high as 41,000 ft and faster than 400 mph. The CJ is quiet and efficient, perfect for the quick business trip or golf outing. At a lower operating cost per mile than a King Air, get your family or business associates to South Florida in 2:20.
370 Kts. Cruise Speed

Charter Rate:
N525RM: $1900 per flight hour

CJ ext 1 IMG_2591 IMG_2594 IMG_2582

Pilatus PC-12 NG N540NG

The Pilatus NG is one of the best selling corporate aircraft available. With unmatched efficiency and payload, the Pilatus can carry up to 9 passengers while burning 60% of the fuel of a twin turbo prop. The Pilatus has a range of over 1500 miles and a cruise speed of 270 kts (310 mph). Another unique feature is the large electric cargo door in the back of the aircraft that makes loading and unloading baggage a breeze.

Charter Rate:
N540NG: $1600 per flight hour
Pilot Fee: $500 per day
IMG_2084 IMG_2117 IMG_2119 unnamed (15)

Cirrus SR22T N20L
The Cirrus SR22 Turbo is the perfect airplane for short hops. It carries 2-3 passengers over 200 mph in luxury. The Cirrus has more leg room than most airliners, with comfortable leather seats, and XM radio! The Cirrus also features the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).
180 Kts. Cruise Speed

Charter Rate:
N20L: $400 per flight hour
Pilot Rate: $350 / Day for Pilot

22 turbo 22 g3 int 22 g3 int2

Available Soon

Lear 40XR N240RP

Speed is synonymous with Lear Jets, but the Bombardier 40 series offer a much larger cabin than the Lears of old. The Lear 40XR can carry 6-7 passengers and cargo at speeds over 500 mph and a maximum altitude up to 51,000 ft. With great range in the super light jet category, the Lear 40 makes a perfect charter airplane!
470 Kts. (540 mph) Cruise Speed

Charter Rate:
N240RP: $3050 per flight hour

OE-GVA Learjet 40 lear 40 int

Cessna CJ2+ N525KY

The CJ2+ flies as high as 45,000 ft and faster than 482 mph. The CJ2+ is quiet and very efficient, yet has great range for a light jet. At a lower operating cost per mile than the majority of light jets and turbo props including King Airs. Get your family or business associates to South Florida in 2:00.
418 Kts. Cruise Speed

Charter Rate:
N525KY: $2250 per flight hour

N500VA ext 1 n500va ext cj2_interior CJ 2 plus int cj 2 plus avionics

Charter Brokerage Service

We have access to many aircraft through our choice air carriers including jets, turboprops and piston aircraft. Let NexGen arrange your air travel through our network of operators and save thousands per year over large brokerage firms. We evaluate each operator’s safety record so our clients know they are in good hands. Call us today for your air charter needs.

Light Jets

cj cj int

Light Jets have typical seating capacity of 4-7 passengers and an average range of 600-1400 nautical miles. They are the most efficient and best pricing in the jet market. Light jets include Cessna CJ through CJ4, Citation II through V, Phenom 100 and 300, Lear 31 and 35, and Hawker 400.

Medium Jets

CESSNA-CITATION-XLS-6-l citation_xls_ext02_hires

Medium Jets or Mid Jets have a typical seating capacity of 6-9 passengers and often include a “stand up cabin.” They offer a little added cabin space and range over light jets. Average Mid Jet range is 1500-2500 nautical miles. Mid Jets include Cessna Citation XLS, Hawker 800 XP, and Bombardier Lear 45 XR and 60 XR.

Turbo Props

pilatus cover pilatus int

Turbo Props are the most efficient and spacious charter aircraft. They are typically powered by one or two jet turbine engines that drive a propeller(s). Seating in most turbo props is 5-9 passengers and provides passengers with a comfortable pressurized cabin. Turbo prop range is 800-1500 nautical miles. Turbo props include the Pilatus PC-12, Beechcraft King Air 90, 200, and 350, Piper Cheyenne, Socata TBM 700, 850, and 900 and the very fast Piaggio Avanti.

Piston Driven Aircraft

Baron barron int 414 2 414 cirrus-int2 Cirrus-SR22T-588

Piston Aircraft are a very cost effective way of getting 1-5 passengers to any destination quickly. While they don’t have the speed of a turbo prop or jet, they make up for it in efficiency. Pistons can be powered by both single and twin engine and cabin class twins offer a pressurized cabin. Seating in each piston aircraft we offer is very comfortable with plenty of leg room. These aircraft include the Cirrus SR-22, Beechcraft Baron, Piper Seneca and Navajo, Cessna 340 and 414.

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