International Training

NexGen Aviation is the perfect training center to meet your training needs. Located in Lexington and Louisville, KY, training is done in all four seasons, which provides better training than the year round sunshine in states like Florida, Arizona, and California. In Kentucky, you experience cold and hot weather which allows experience with icing and high density altitudes. There are plenty of days with instrument conditions and unlike other flight schools, NexGen encourages our instrument students to train in the real weather to make you a better instrument pilot. At NexGen, you will gain experience training in nearly all conditions that you will encounter as a professional pilot including storms, ice, gusty winds, mountainous areas, hot and cold climates. All training is done safely and not to endanger any students, but to give them experience with weather avoidance and escape techniques. While you gain a wealth of experience in all weather, you will still enjoy many of wonderful days, weather, and views of the beautiful Kentucky landscape.

NexGen offers next generation aircraft and top tier training, for lower cost than most flight schools. Due to our location and low overhead costs, we can offer students clean and advanced aircraft and training at a lower cost. Students will learn valuable Air Traffic Control communication at a laid back Class C airspace location with clearance delivery, ground control, tower control, and approach/departure control. We also have multiple single pilot certified jet aircraft and turboprop aircraft that we can offer experience in turbine jet aircraft operations. With flexible training to meet your individual needs and access to many aircraft, we can meet and exceed your training needs and prepare you for your career flying in the United States or Worldwide.

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