-“The benefits of owning a private aircraft for business use is a best kept secret. I was introduced to the idea of purchasing a Piper Aztec and then a Diamond DA42 by Brandon Morton, of whom assisted me in partnering with a current owner. After running the numbers for what we were previously spending on commercial air travel, it was a “no-brainer” to make the purchase. When taking into account airfare rates as well as wasted salary costs for employees enduring security, flight connections and delayed/cancelled flights, we end up saving 30% annually. Additionally, there is no stress related to hurried schedule in order to make a pre-determined commercial flight any longer. Now, our employees can work at the convenience of the client, spending as much unconditional time onsite as necessary. This improved customer service we can now additionally offer to our clients is priceless.”
Frank A. Finley, II; Principle-in-Charge, Paradigm Engineers and Constructors  

Nov 7, 2011
“These guys have it figured out. The airplanesare well equipped, well maintained and priced right. The instructors are knowledgable and know how to convey their knowledge to their students. Those are great points, but any flight school can do that. What really sets this place apart is their philosophy behind how they run the business. They seem to honestly care that each student learns everything they need in order to be a safe and competent pilot, without adding unnecessary costs. More than anything, they have always treated me the way I want to be treated; fairly, respectfully, and I have never once felt “nickeled and dimed.” Combine that with good prices, good airplanes, good instructors, and you’ve got a great flight school.”
-Dennis Mahan, Student/Renter
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Jul 12, 2011
 “I have taken flight training with multiple instructors from this company and they are GREAT! Great people, clean aircraft, top notch avionics and fabulous training. The owners of this school when not teaching are also accomplished and active corporate pilots who are totally in-sync with flying in the most complex airplanes and congested airspace. What an opportunity it is to tap into their real time knowledge and expertise! Totally Recommend!”

-Matt Good, Student;  

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Mar 20, 2011

“My husband is getting lessons for fixed wing. These guys are great, down to earth, clean & professional. Good rates & highly recommended.”
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