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Let Nexgen Aviation handle your business and corporate travel needs. We have experience managing and flying aircraft from small piston planes to large corporate jets. Need to be at a business meeting in Atlanta by 8 a.m. on the north end of the city and the only way to make it in time is to fly in the night before? Tired of the hassle of airline travel? Tired of dealing with long lines, layovers and the TSA? Let Nexgen Aviation, LLC ease your business travel needs. We could have your team in North Atlanta within 1-2 hours. Whether your business meeting is in Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, etc. We can get you to any destination in the Eastern US within 1 to 4 hours. The best part is that its much more affordable than you think. Some of our clients report an annual savings of 30% annually on their business travel. Not to mention the incredible tax savings!

Nexgen Aviation offers several avenues to ease your business travel needs including:
-Fractional Shares
-Diamond Share
-Hourly Lease Agreements
-Professional Pilot Services
-Leaseback for your aircraft to generate revenue when you aren’t flying it that day
-Hourly Rental and Flight Instruction to train you to fly yourself on the way to your business meeting

We are flexible and can develop a program that meets your individual travel needs. With Nexgen Aviation, you can depart straight out of Lexington Bluegrass Airport in your personal plane, when you want, where you want, and be at your business meeting on time. We can land at the nearest airport within just a couple miles of your meeting, have a car standing by to take you to your meeting, pick up lunch for you and have you on your way home as soon as your meeting is done! A trip to Atlanta from Lexington can be done in just under 2 hours in one of our sleek and luxurious aircraft. Need to make multiple stops in one day? No problem, we have access to hundreds of airports in any city and can get you there within a couple hours. Many of our clients can hit up to 3 stops in one day, or make multiple stops in several states in just two days.

Our aircraft are modern and luxurious. They are among the industry leaders in safety and technology.

-Comfortable seating for up to 3 Passengers in our piston aircraft or up to 10 passengers in our King Air through LEA Charter, LLC.
-XM Weather and Radio on board
-Professional, Corporate Pilots with thousands of hours in aircraft of all sizes, from two seat piston trainers to large corporate jets
-Free Parking at our facility
-Boarding of aircraft through our private facility and heated hangar
-Fuel, Maintenance and Hangar Discounts
-Concierge Services for Ground Transportation, Lodging, Restaurants and Catering

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