Pilot Services

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If you are a current or potential owner of an aircraft and you are not a pilot, no worries.  Just contact Nexgen Aviation and we will provide a pilot for you.  Our pilots are highly experience corporate pilots with thousands of hours.  We have experience in just about any aircraft ranging from small single-engine piston aircraft to large jets or turboprops.  We charge a daily fixed rate for each pilot based on the type of aircraft and experience level.  We can provide single pilot or two pilot crews to meet your personal and insurance requirements.  Contact us today to schedule a trip!
Experienced Pilots in the Following Aircraft:

  • · Beechcraft
-King Air
  • · Bombardier
-Lear 40 Series

  • · Cessna
-Citation 500 Series (500, 501, 550, S550)
-Citation 525
-150, 152

  • · Cirrus
-SR22 Turbo

  • · Diamond

  • · Fairchild

  • · Pilatus

  • · Piper
-Seneca (I, II, and III)

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