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Current market conditions allow for a buyer’s market in both new and used aircraft. Now is the time to take a serious look at your travel needs, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Let us show you how owning your own aircraft is a worthwhile investment in so many ways! Let Nexgen Aviation help you with each process:

-Shopping the Market for the Best Deal
-The Acquisition Process
-Set up the Corporation that Owns the Aircraft
-Explaining Tax Benefits
-Leaseback and Charter Options for Lowering Cost of Ownership
-Aircraft Management
-Pilot Services and Flight Instruction in your New Aircraft

We are currently looking for individuals and/or companies interested in the following aircraft:

Pilatus PC-12

unnamed (6) unnamed (4) unnamed (15) unnamed (12) Pilatus PC-12 NG

Variable Cost per Flight Hour: $600

Performance Specs: 6-9 Passengers, 315 MPH, 1500 Nautical Mile Range, 30,000 ft. Ceiling.

Eclipse Jet Shares

eclipse-500_(1) eclipse_interior

Speed and Efficiency is the name of the game with the Eclipse. Fly at over 400 mph while burning the fuel of a single engine turboprop. The Eclipse has room for 3-5 passengers and plenty of space for luggage. Perfect for that golf trip or family vacation.

425 mph cruise speed, 6 seats.

Hourly Operating Cost approx. $650

Diamond DA-42 Twin Star
The most efficient and safe business traveler. This aircraft is truly a modern marvel as it boast speeds from 170-215 mph all while burning a total of 10 gallons per hour of Jet fuel. With its light weight turbo-diesel engines, FADEC Throttle control that manages power, fuel and prop control in one set of levers, and its modern aerodynamics, the DA-42 is fast, easy to fly and extremely economical. Why not have the safety of a second engine that can climb its way out on a hot day to a safe altitude and return for landing in the unlikely event of an engine failure. The Twin Star is the easiest twin you will ever learn to fly. Not interested in learning to fly, let one of our professional pilots fly you and your passengers around in this magnificent machine!

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