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NexGen Aviation offers a unique simulation program tailored to our specific aircraft. Our simulator program is used to move the classroom from the aircraft to the simulator, then back to the aircraft to perform and perfect. Our students learn the procedures, technique, and sight picture in the simulator, allowing them to perform in the aircraft to a much higher level. This saves the student valuable time and money instead of repeating in the aircraft until they get it right.

We utilize the state of the art products from to mirror the aircraft in our fleet. This way there is a 1:1 transition from simulator to aircraft. All switches and avionics are in the same location as the aircraft which builds muscle memory and a foundation for learning. With top-notch visual system that match those in a multi-million dollar level D simulator, students can burn the visual cues in their mind for each maneuver, takeoff, and landing. Students that practice with simulators are able to perform in the aircraft better and quicker than those that do not utilize this valuable tool, which saves the student thousands of dollars throughout their training.

Click the link below to this article for the science behind flythissim’s visual system for teaching takeoffs and landings.

“It did not take long for our simulator centric flight school customers to call in and say how they were teaching their students take offs and landings in the simulator. Students were landing the aircraft on the first try.”

Benefits of Simulator Training

-Save thousands on training costs
-Train in the sim then perfect in the aircraft
-Ability to pause, show examples, and correct errors
-More repletion in less time. You can reset anywhere to repeat maneuvers, takeoffs, and landings without having to fly to the previous position.
-Practice emergency situations that you can not perform in the airplane
-Perform and memorize procedures
-1:1 transition from simulator to aircraft
-Learn ATC communications and complex taxi instructions
-Learn airport signage and practice flying in and out of large airports
-Ability to set any weather desired and fly year round regardless of the weather outside

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Simulator Pricing

Hourly (not including instructor) $65
Yearly Membership (unlimited use) $300

Cost Comparison Between Simulator and Airplane

Sim vs. Diamond 20
$65 vs. $128 = $63 per hour savings

Sim vs. Diamond 40 with G1000
$65 vs. $165 = $100 per hour savings

Sim vs. Cirrus 20 with perspective
$65 vs. $250 = $185 per hour savings

Coming Soon

Upgraded Visual System for our Diamond and Cirrus Touch Trainer and Floor Mounted 210 Degree Touch Trainer for Diamond and Cirrus
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See what others have to say about flythissim’s touch trainers!

“The Cirrus Flight Standards department has evaluated the FlyThisSim TouchTrainer. It is a very good aircraft-specific systems, avionics, procedures, and IFR recurrent trainer for Cirrus Analog, Avidyne, and Perspective aircraft. Using this device is an excellent and affordable way for all Cirrus pilots to maintain currency and improve decision making.”

Travis Klumb
Cirrus Flight Training Manager
Cirrus Aircraft Corporation

“The TouchTrainer is an outstanding training tool. These units give us the flexibility to simulate the specific clients airplane panel layout and performance, with just a couple of finger touches. The visuals are excellent. Having the client fly an approach to minimums with weather is quite realistic. We’ve used all of the major BATD’s out there and the TouchTrainer easily matches or exceeds their performance. We also think you’ve got the right approach to simulation by using software to simulate avionics. This way any change to avionics in the future can be addressed with new software instead of buying a new simulator. Plus your support has been outstanding. We are very glad we chose the TouchTrainer!”

Thomas K. Seymour, President
PIC Aviation Services, Inc.
Professional Instrument Courses

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